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Winners of Manthan – Ideathon

Sr. No. Rank Name Team Project url Project Tagline Prize Money (in INR)
1 1 Mr Danish Joshi Individual uniBroker Open source library to unify APIs of all brokerage platforms. Written in GO. 1,00,000
2 2 Mr. Jacob Abraham Blockheads Liquify Using liquidation to protect traders against market volatility and correlation risks 75,000
Mr. Srinivas R Pai
Mr. Vishnu Prakash
3 2 Nerve Solutions Nerve Solutions n.Mesh n.Mesh is an advanced engine combining market data, trade info, off-market transactions and distributed ledger technology to provide a real time surveillance system connecting all market participants 75,000
Mr. Mihir Malani
4 3 Mr. Anubhav Dayal Individual Virtual Food Grain Asset ("VFGA") Objective is to participate in developing a more robust and resilient Financial services sector that supports broader, balanced and sustainable development goals in Agriculture sector. 50,000
5 3 Mr. Yash Ramani Individual Gullak Gullak converts some percentage of your spending into investments and frees you from the hassle of understanding different financial Instruments. "Boond Boond se sagar bharta hai" 50,000
6 3 Mr. Joe Pradeep Individual Spot Any Scam - Algorithm to detect scam Spot any scam just by answering few questions 50,000
7 4 Mr. Rohit Purkait Individual Investopedia Learn everything you need to know before becoming the next Warren Buffet 25,000
8 4 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Coder Daddies Suptech: Automated compliance reporting Creating a regulatory data value chain based on greater harmonization and integration of data between SEBI and its regulated entities. 25,000
Mr. Himanshu Chaudhary
9 4 Mr. Manit Mittal Individual TrackMyFolio Make Investments based on Research, not borrowed conviction! 25,000
10 4 Mr. Sudarshan Gawale Optimizers Veri-Fi Blockchain-based decentralized portal for issuing and verifying directives and notices, to tackle fake news and market fud in the finance Industry 25,000
Mr. Harshal Walunj
Ms. Gauri Shivsharan
Mr. Utkarsha Nehe
11 Jury Mentioned Ms. Rinkal Sanghavi Autosweep Auto Sweep-in Sweep-out facility between Banks & MFs Enables Seamless and Auto transfer between Bank and MFs, so that investors get Returns of Liquid funds, while ensuring a specified amount of funds always remain in bank account for meeting regular expenses. NA
Ms. Ishita Sharma
MR. Pankaj Trivedi


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